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SealMasterLogoSealMaster is a Thinline Technologies client who provides asphalt and blacktop services to companies and businesses throughout the Delmarva area.

Owned by Tom Decker Sr., and his son Tom, the company’s main offices were located in an area notorious for spotty internet service and power failures. When the main server lost power, the other SealMaster locations around the state were unable to receive vital information from the home office.

The Deckers needed to be more mobile, and whether they were on the road, or creating one with their business, access to documents, appointment information, and other critical business data was crucial.

A better business solution was in the cloud.

Thinline moved the entire SealMaster operation over to a cloud based solution, which eliminated the problems caused by the physical server’s geographic location. In addition, the owners and their employees could access email and other information through any internet browser. There was no need for each laptop, desktop, or mobile device to be set up by a technician.

Another benefit of this system is the ease of use, if an employee knew how to get onto the internet and open a webpage, he or she could easily access the new system.

Employers and employees could log onto the system, retrieve crucial information, complete forms, and take care of other duties. Of course, questions and concerns were taken care of by Thinline’s team of customer service representatives.

Entire system redundancy and boosted security.

The owners could monitor who was logging into, and out, of the system and when. The added layer of protection afforded by the cloud helped ease concerns about company information being compromised, while making the data available to all the users.

Pay as you grow.

The asphalt business is seasonal, and in the cold winter months when pavements and roads are buried under snow and ice, the company staff would be reduced. The Deckers’ business is a “pay as you go” model, so they only paid for the users that were employed. When the operation scales up for the warmer months, new employees could be added easily.

There’s room in the cloud for everyone.

Small businesses and companies can benefit from technology and the cloud as easily as Fortune 500 concerns. The problems experienced by SealMaster needed quick, innovative solutions that were affordable. Thinline Technologies created an IT solution that was simple to execute, easy to learn, and affordable.

Keeping your company on the road is not hard when your network is in the cloud. Give us a call; we would be happy to help: 410-453-9300

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