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Thinline’s IT Support Delivers

IT consulting for busy small business ownersAt Thinline, our client base ranges from retail operations to businesses that provide professional services. As an IT company, our goal is to deliver IT support and service that enables clients to grow and succeed.

Recently, one of our IT consulting clients came to us with a project: their law firm had rapidly expanded from one location to three.

Users were spread throughout the state, and everyone needed to have access to vital files, documents, and other data.

After an initial consult and weighing different options, Thinline realized that a virtual private network (VPN) was the best solution.

What’s a VPN?

A VPN creates a secure, encrypted connection between different locations to create one network.

Users can seamlessly access all of the network’s resources, including files and printers, wherever they have an internet connection – in the car, in a coffee shop, a hotel, or in the office.

The distance between locations shrank to nothing – and employees could work on cases and projects whenever – and wherever – it was convenient.

Next Steps

Thinline’s IT services team installed a business class router to enable the network to run smoothly and handle increased traffic generated by multiple user log-ins, file transfers and downloads.

The business class router this solution required isn’t available at retail outlets, we needed hardware that could provide VPN capability. Other pluses include port blocking capabilities and an upgraded firewall to keep data safe and secure.

As part of our IT services, Thinline moved the practice’s main server from the office to a secure location. This allowed immediate access in the event that repairs or upgrades needed to be performed after hours, along with an extra level of security.

Once the install and setup were complete, the attorney’s offices and employees saw a boost in performance and the amount of work that could be completed.

Finally, our IT services team designed this network to be easily expandable as the practice grew – a definite possibility thanks to Thinline.

If your business requires remote connectivity or operates out of multiple locations, contact Thinline today. We’ll meet with you and prepare a solution that’s affordable and the best fit for your needs.

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