Cloud Services

Technology plays a crucial role in your company’s success, but it shouldn’t consume your resources. Imagine making your IT a simple utility for you to use, instead of a complex system to maintain.

Thinline Online delivers your entire network securely, reliably, and cost effectively through our cloud solutions.

What is cloud computing?

The term “Cloud” is all over the news and comes up in conversation on a regular basis, but do you really understand what it is? Many IT people can’t provide a simple explanation. Here at Thinline, we deal with this question everyday and love not just telling people what Cloud is but showing them how it can benefit them. When it comes to your business and Cloud Computing, we can provide the answers! Learn more about what Cloud Computing is all about…

Cloud Computing: What are the Benefits?

Cloud computing is a revolution in  the IT industry, however, many companies are still unsure if cloud services are the right solution for them.

Let Thinline help answer that question for you. Learn if cloud computing is right for you.

Cloud Hosted Applications

Move and manage your applications to a production-ready cloud computing environment. With Thinlines Webtop organizations can run Windows and Unix based applications in a scalable on-demand cost-effective cloud. Enterprises typically migrate messaging applications to the cloud first – Microsoft Exchange is a typical first move.

Hosted application providers stay on top of the regulations so you don’t have to. They can provide the storage, compliance, and retrieval features needed for audits, legal requests, and other business needs.

Our optional archiving service is designed to meet e-discovery, regulatory, and industry guidelines for data retention, and is ideal even for companies that need to adhere to the highest levels of compliance.