Email & Archiving

Do you need email archiving for?

  • Storage Management
  • E-Discovery
  • Knowledge management
  • Monitoring of employee communication
  • Or for compliance?

Corporate message retention is now a way of life for all businesses as the use of email has become critical to corporate success.  Companies of all sizes are discovering that the need to securely archive and quickly deliver email upon request is not just a requirement for the financial services industry anymore.

Benefits of Hosted Email Archiving

Ease of Data Capture:

All emails and attachments are captured, indexed, and archived automatically without any intervention by your IT or administrative staff.

Quick and Easy Data Retrieval:

End-users can quickly and easily retrieve data via a folder in Outlook or a web-based control panel rather than placing a request with the IT staff.

Preservation of Data:

All emails are preserved in their original format and cannot be altered enabling businesses to comply with e-discovery requests and a wide variety of regulations.

Quick and Easy Disaster Recovery:

Archiving enables businesses to more quickly recover from a disaster by providing off-site copies of all archived data.