Thin Client/Virtualization

Thin-client computing is a logical, efficient evolution of today’s networking environments that give organizations a way to extend resources, simplify application deployment and administration, and lower the cost of application ownership.

Thin-Client Solutions allow multiple, concurrent users to log on and run applications in separate, protected Windows sessions on the server. Application management is deployed and supported from a single point across a network of any size. Utilizing software from Microsoft and Citrix, Thin Client solutions provide access to virtually any Windows application across any type of network connection, including the internet. Legacy PC’s (386/486, low end Pentium and Macintosh) can all access the latest Windows-based applications. Users can be more productive since they can work on their preferred devices with the familiar Windows interface. Ease of administration, enhanced security and remote management make this solution a great option for your business.

Benefits for your business:

  • Single point of control and administration
  • Universal application access
  • LAN-like performance from all locations
  • Eyes only security vital data remains on the server
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Use of any client device, network connection, network protocol

Transform the way your enterprise deploys, manages and accesses business critical applications with DPE Systems, Thin-Client / Server Solutions. Bring a new level of performance to your users. Let DPE Systems get you connected with the high performance, cost effective benefits of Thin-Client / Server Solutions.